National Strategic Plan for MCH Training 2012-2020
DRAFT Goals and Strategies

MCH Training Program Vision for the 21st Century

All children, youth, and families will live and thrive in healthy communities
served by a quality workforce that helps assure their health and well being.

The Maternal and Child Health Bureau’s (MCHB) MCH Training Program works collaboratively with national, state, and local MCH organizations to develop and sustain MCH professionals prepared to provide leadership within Title V and other MCH programs. Having well-prepared health care professionals available to address the complex needs of our nation’s increasingly diverse MCH population requires efforts at various points in the health system, within and beyond MCHB-funded training programs, including families and local health entities, state health programs, academia, professional associations, and federal agencies. The MCH Training Program uses a nationally focused multiyear strategic plan to guide its work and offer guidance to other entities invested in the MCH workforce.Recent changes in federal funding streams, state budget allocations, as well as and the advent of new programs to support MCH services through Affordable Care Act, reinforce the need for cross-agency support and collaborative work in the MCH community. Planning for how various MCH-related organizations can support the MCH workforce and address workforce needs over the next decade is more essential than ever in these challenging fiscal times.To this end, the MCHB’s Training Branch is developing a 2012-2020 National Plan for MCH Training that will include not only MCH Training grantee specific objectives, but also suggested strategies applicable to a range of entities that serve MCH populations.This website presents recommendations for the plan from the National Strategic Plan for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Training Work Group. Their recommendations are being shared by the Training Branch to gather feedback from the broader MCH and training-related communities on the priority goals for MCH Training for the next decade and the role of a range of constituents in accomplishing those goals.

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